Shocktoberfest: Pennsylvania’s biggest Halloween scream event


Sinking Spring is a little town in Berks County with a population of around 4,000 people. Like most Berks County towns, it sits surrounded by vast farmland, trotting horses, and simple Amish Folk. In almost every corner of Berks, you can find a farmer selling fresh produce and dairy products, and beekeepers with the purest golden honey. Drive around on any weekend, and you’ll find a flea market featuring fine Pa. Dutch foods, furniture (which some would argue is the best) and novelty items that tourists empty their pockets for.

But one thing about Berks and most areas in Pennsylvania is how festive and beautiful it is in the Fall season. City folk from New York and New Jersey  flock to see the leaves change. An Indian Summer is a reality here and most of the time, one can see it right out of their own backyard. Especially if you live in the Lehigh Valley which is essentially a howl. We’re surround by hills with trees. The beautiful essence of fall is unavoidable. Nothing is lacking. Pumpkin patches, orchards, and corn mazes are only 30 minutes away in any direction. Enjoy if you ever have the satisfaction of visiting

Like most places, Halloween itself has become a season. Haunted attractions are not limited, and I myself have hit up quite a few. Dorney Park in Allentown has its annual “Halloween Haunt”. Of course you could take a trip to Philadelphia and tour through the Eastern State Penitentiary rumored to be haunted by the tormented souls that dwelled there, or you could stick to the rural parts of the Poconos and go to the Haunted Hotel in Saylorsburg. But if you wanna go really big, go to Shocktoberfest.

A small town with a population of about 4,000 easily has one of the most popular and largest Halloween attractions in the state. Shocktoberfest started out as a simple concept. Patrick Konopelski designed a hayride which then evolved into the Field of Screams, another popular haunted attraction. A few more added attractions later, we have Shoctoberfest. The festival starts in mid-September and features live music, haunted houses, vendors along with food and drinks.

It’s a seasonal amusement park with a new and exciting theme every year that keeps participants on the edge of their seats. Zombies one year, biochemical plants, and even a controversial “Naked and Scared Challenge”are just some of the events you’ll find at Shocktoberfest.

The festival has gained national attention, being voted Third best attraction by US Today and one of the featured haunted attractions in Time Magazine. Popular bands have headlined at the festival in previous years, Korn and Slipknot just to name a few.

Tickets can be a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth all of the amenities you’ll get. Personally, its fair for how large the festival and the accolades it has received. They’ll bring you experiences hard to find anywhere else like the Naked event as well as a torture chamber that pushes everyone’s heights of fear to the limits.

To learn more about the largest Halloween attraction in Pennsylvania, visit

Tickets can be purchased on the website.

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