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New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film in the works

Hollywood is gearing up to resurrect an ongoing film franchise that is undeniably one of the best cult classics in horror.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be getting a new installment. Bloody Disgusting reports that Frede Álvarez will be producing the film. Alvarez has handled films such as Don’t Breathe and the 2013 remake of The Evil DeadThis will be the 9th film in the series.

Texas Chainsaw 3D came out back in 2013. The film was ripped apart by critics chastising it for straying from the original concept of the Hewitt family.  A 2017 installment Leatherface didn’t serve the series any justice either, leaving long time lovers of the franchise vastly empty and disappointed.

Bloody Disgusting further reports that Legendary Entertainment will also be producing a TV series and more films for the franchise. They said that LE could go into a deal with Warner Bros. Studio, the parent company of New Line Films. NLF produced much of the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise, said the horror blog.

It will be interesting to see what ways they will approach the franchise. It has gotten different ones of the years. The last two seemed more comical while the ones prior showed a more surreal look into the life of Leatherface. A series could very much bring this franchise upfront in center in a media world that is giving horror a chance on daytime TV.

For now, hold on to your skin and stay away from decrepit looking mansions in the countryside of Texas.

Author: Xiana

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