11 Horror Movies Coming Out in 2019

I’m always down for horror movies, new or old. That’s why this blog exists. As much as I like some of last year’s debuts and the occasional classic, I’d still very much like to see the film reel keep turning. I’ve been upset as of late because right now, it just seems like everything is being remade. The Stephen King remakes I’ll give an exception to, mainly because he’s got the storyline thing going for him (as mentioned in the Pet Sematary review). Enough with the Stephen King bashing. He’s still an award-winning writer, and I’m not.

So what do we have to look forward to this year? Well so far, the list looks promising. A quick google search pulled up some of the titles we can expect in 2019. Let’s take a closer look.


1. Ma (release date May 30th)

Octavia Spencer, Slash Film

I’m excited for this one quite frankly. Octavia Spencer stars as “Ma”, a woman who parties with the local high school kids in her basement. She’s definitely letting them get away with more than their parent would. Soon enough however, things get…weird and people start dying. It’ll be exciting to see Spencer in a different role for a change, this being her first leading role in a horror movie and all. Get it Octavia!

2. Child’s Play (June 21st)

Chucky has had his fair share of remakes already. I know I said earlier that I’m kinda salty about all the remakes we’ve been having. It’d be nice if directors, writers, and whoever would try to be original again. But, I’ll let this one pass along with King. If you’ve seen the original Child’s Play, then you know the premise of the film. It’s up to us to find out what’s gonna be different, and if the changes are for the better.

The new Chucky looks more like a Chad if I do say so myself.


3. Annabelle Comes Home (June 26th)

Annabelle, Bloody Disgusting

This is the third installment in the Annabelle film series.  We are reunited with our favorite paranormal investigators, Lorraine and Ed Warren. This time Annabelle once again relinquishes herself from her glass box that was meant to contain her after being kept  isolated for good. It’s another sequel with torment, bloodshed, and well…a creepy ass doll..look at that face. I can’t.



4. Midsommar (July 3rd)

‘Midsommar’- Deadline

Cryptic? Disturbing? Probably. When I read the main plot for Midsommar, I immediately thought of Hereditary.  When I watched the trailer, the style also reminded me of that movie. Then I realized it’s the same director, Ari Aster. Hereditary already took us to the realm of fact splashed with fiction. It took something so innocent and contorted it into a major demonic plot. I’m excited to see how Aster dives into Scandinavian culture only to warp it into a portrait of his brilliant yet somewhat sick mind. It is another film involving a cult, but if you can make that work, I say stick with it.


5. Crawl (July 12th)

The monster that lurks in Crawl- MovieWeb

Ah just in time for summer. A hurricane is about to pummel Florida when a young girl decides to ignore the evacuation orders to find her missing father. She finds something a lot more dangerous in the rising flood waters. Why this might be scary? Cause storms are getting stronger thanks to global warming. While a massive and unstoppable alligator might not sell this film, the very real dangers of strong hurricanes and the devastation of flooding is now something a lot of us must face.


6. Brahms: The Boy II (July 26th)

The Boy – Dread Central

This film is a predecessor to the 2016 flick, The Boy. So far, there isn’t much to say here unless you’ve seen the first one. Two parents lost their son whose soul was trapped in, you guest it, a doll. They took care of the doll and even hired a caretaker, Greta (played by Lauren Cohen). The doll began to torment Greta. Now he’s back to do it again, except Katie Holmes will be playing the new scream queen.

While there isn’t a trailer currently released, YouTuber FrozenParticle offers some insight into what we possibly can expect.


7. Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark (August 9th)

Courtesy of the Insider

You might have grown up with the children’s book written by Alvin Schwartz. Well now, director Guillermo Del Toro, who gave us movies such as The Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth, is bringing it to the big screen.  I trust this man with such delicate belongings of my childhood. After all, his book The Strain which was adapted into an FX series was fantastic. Here’s to hoping he can still scare the ever living crap out of us like this book did.


8. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (August 16th)

Courtesy of thehorrocist.com

You might remember being asked if you saw 47 Meters Down on Netflix by almost everyone you knew. They may have even said “Dude it was so F***ed up.” Well it was. Two people with no scuba diving experience get stranded underwater with a killer shark. Well now take that and put a couple more people underwater to see an ancient artifact, add shark and you’ve got yourself more F***ed up adventures.


9. IT Chapter Two (September 6th)

Courtesy of Dead Central

Now it’s time for the second chapter. Much like the 1990’s for-TV miniseries, the Losers Club kids are now adults. With the first part, they gave us more to chew on while still staying true to the story. Unlike the Pet Sematary remake, which quite frankly could do without a sequel just like the original could have, it provided such a colorful look into the lives of these kids. I can’t say if King himself was proud, but it was still satisfying.

May I perhaps predict that they may change the origins of Pennywise the clown?



10. ZombieLand: Double Tap (October 11th)


Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock are back for more zombie ass kicking. I think the best part about this one is that I don’t have to use so many question marks! It’s actually happening, a Zombieland sequel! This one is still fresh and we have until October before it comes out. No trailer just yet, but no doubt, everyone is excited for this terrifyingly funny flick to finally come to theaters.


11. Dr. Sleep (November 8th)


Another film adaptation of a King book. This one, however, is a sequel to the 1980 film series, The Shinning which famously stared Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson. Director Mike Flanagan is no stranger to King films. He directed another King book adaptation, Gerald’s Game. This time around, we have Ewan McGregor staring as the lead role who shares the special ability, ‘the shinning’, with a young girl. Still too early for a trailer, but this is one we definitely wanna keep our eyes peeled for.


Some of these movies have big shoes to fill, but without a doubt, these directors are up to the task. Let’s hope for a horrifying horror movie season this year!

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